Month: December 2019

What is the total cost of the loan?

   When buying a flat, house or other property that we want to finance with a loan, we are most often looking for a bank that offers the most attractive terms. Before we make a decision that will bind us to the selected bank for many years, you should carefully look at all the details…

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Real estate credit, well mastering deadlines

When acquiring real estate, it is important to know the dates and deadlines defined by law concerning the obtaining of a loan by a banking organization. An essential step not to be overlooked under any circumstances. Here is the instructions.   Validation and acceptance period At the end of the negotiations concerning the mortgage, the…

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Mini loan with immediate payment

With a mini loan with immediate payment, you have your desired amount on the next working day in your account. Each loan application must always comply with certain procedures so that even with an urgent loan with immediate payment certain conditions must be fulfilled and checks must be carried out. Because you lose time when…

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